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Like Falling Off A (B)log

Well, now. When I accepted the invitation to guest blog here at Crazy Like a Fox, I thought it would be easy to come up with a non-political topic (Fox didn’t forbid me to discuss politics, but I said in advance that I’d do something different and she thought that was a good idea). Now, after a long period of staring at the keyboard, I have to confess …

I got nothing’.

Well, almost nothing’. I’ve got a little something’ that’s not quite political and that doesn’t amount to much and which will probably seem trivial and trite when I trot it out (say that three times, real fast). But it’s something’, anyway. So I’ll go with it:

I’ve got it easy.

Political bloggers have their material brought up by room service every weekday morning. All we have to do is click on Google News or go over to Technorati to see what the top searches are, and we’re set. A good political blogger can just pick a random news story and use it as a launch platform to tell the rest of you (those who don’t nod off) why we are right, why “they” are wrong and why you are stupid if you don’t agree.

It’s like falling off a log, really.

The rest of you have to work at it.

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Adventures In Dating

I am inspired by LingLing’s post that never will be to tell share a little of my dating horrors.

After the breakup of my second marriage, when I felt that I was ready to start dating again, I started going to the clubs with my new roommate and I also placed a personal ad with Yahoo Personals. A met a couple of really nice guys, but the majority of the men I met were real jerks.

I met a guy named Brian at a club one night and danced with him a couple of times, but for the most part, he spent most of the evening hanging out with his buddies. That didn’t bother me at all as I really wasn’t interested in him. My roommate and I got tired and decided to go home. As I passed this gentleman and his friends on my way out the door, he stopped me and asked if I was leaving. When I told him I was going home, he offered to walk me out to the car. When we got out to the car he swooped in on me like a vulture. His kiss was like making out with a Hoover with teeth. He literally had my entire mouth inside of his and I had bite marks on my upper lip. After this wonderful kiss he then asks me to stay there with him and he would buy me breakfast in the morning. Read More Adventures In Dating


Well, let me first say that I had a very difficult time deciding what I was going to write about here in my guest post. It’s not that I had a hard time trying to come up with something but more like I just had too many ideas and couldn’t pick which one to go with. At first, I was planning to write about how I became an asshole, an exciting tale which takes place in Bangkok and involves dancing Thai girls, wacky Japanese business men, a gay tourist guide (who is probably related to this guy) and a passing reference to ping pong balls.

Then I thought maybe it would be better to post about how “Brad works in mysterious ways” which is a touching story of how I used my great “assholiness” to save a party from ruin and restored the loving bond between a mother and her son. Ideas were just swirling around in my head and after careful consideration, I’ve decided to go with “Why lesbian blogs are so popular with men”. I know it has nothing to do with the other two but it just popped into my head after recently burning a lesbian blog which is in the Top 50 at Battle of the Blogs.

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That Time I Met That Chef

I always wish I had a mentor of some sort. Someone with good leadership qualities who could show me how to create a harmonious work environment without letting myself get thrown under the bus by my employees. I will be perfectly honest here, in all my years of restaurant experience, the only thing I banked from my previous bosses was how I didn’t want to act.

In 2010, a kind of miracle occurred. I entered a writing contest through Dawn Professional on a whim. The prize was $20,000 in restaurant make-over supplies, a consultation with Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame, and a trip to the NRA show in Chicago.

Two months later, I found out I had won.

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Just Dropping By: Umbrella, Taxes, Messes, and Murphy’s Law

What good is it to have a blog if you never actually write on it?
Between here or there it seems like I just haven’t had the urge to write lately in general. I’m tired. I’m in a constant state of “busy.” Business is going well, but myself and my staff are all borderline haggard due to whatever winter related maladies and never ending viruses we keep passing back and forth. The general public breathing all over you on a daily basis thing…

That coupled with a few nights of less than adequate sleep and all of a sudden your immune system is compromised and it’s too late so you just cross your eyes, cover your mouth when you cough, and deal with it.

We are coming up on one of our busiest weeks of the year, Ridgway Rendezvous, the biggest chainsaw carver festival in the world, and every year I promise myself I will be well rested, well prepared, and coast my way through this fun but chaotic time.

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Nobody ever accused me of being the brightest crayon…

Oh hi guys!

I’ve got a good one for you.

Did you hear about the girl who deferred her 50k entry after blogging for weeks about how gloriously it was coming along and how awesome and inspired she was about it?

You didn’t?!

Well, that’s because she really didn’t want to write this swear wording post.

Obviously if I didn’t, though, I would be a giant toolbox, so I figured I would just sit down and try and type from my heart.

Here’s the deal.  For the next two plus weeks of my life, everything gets chaotic and hazy.  I play hostess here at Jordan’s for hundreds of chainsaw carvers and thousands of tourists.  I am lucky if I sit down and eat a meal before midnight on any given day.  I am truly blessed if I actually get more than 5 hours of sleep in a night.  Running?

Well, I do a lot of it.  Just not in the conventional sense.  Running food, yes.  Running to the liquor store, sure.  Running up and down the basement steps with 50 pound boxes of potatoes in hand… it definitely happens. Read More Nobody ever accused me of being the brightest crayon…

Living the Ultra Life – Week 2 – Those Purposeful Feels

What can I possibly say about this second week of training for my first 50k?
Well, for starters, I forgot how fan-freaking-tastic it feels to be on a regular training schedule. And by fantastic, I mean, I’m hungry, tired, achey, tired, and pretty much exhausted and hungry.

But most importantly, I am exceptionally happy.

This week was the one where things started clicking for me. Where I realized that I had not in fact lost all of the tiny shreds of athletic ability I once had in spite of my Injury. This week was the first time in a long time that I became utterly and absolutely convinced that I am fully capable of finishing this ultra… If I stay on course that is.

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Nike+ Fuelband SE – Back to Track

In case you were wondering, I have been on a weight loss adventure for some time now.

In 2015-ish I was tired of being tired all the time. Sick of being sick. And mostly, fed up with being fat and all the bad stuff that comes along with it. It is sad that you can be the best at what you do career-wise, a kind person, bright, educated… whatever, and still your main monicker is “that chubby girl.”

Honestly, losing 80-ish pounds wasn’t hard. Obviously, there were moments when I wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and eat Big Macs, but as soon as I fell into a routine, embraced the world of fitness, and found foods and exercise plans that I actually enjoyed, everything kind of fell into place.

I attribute a lot of my success to technological advances that simplify daily activities like tracking calories and workouts. I don’t know what people did before Myfitnesspal. Not having to pen and paper and journal and research made life so easy for me. And initially, the calories in calories out process worked wonders to jump start my weight loss.

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Sweet Potato Latkes … aka Sweet Potatoes for those who “hate” sweet potatoes

In my opinion, there are two “camps” in terms of sweet potatoes. Those full of people who love them and can’t get enough, and those who “hate” them. Personally, I think most of the haters have never experienced an amazing sweet potato. They write them off as something that comes out of a can in the form of mush and is then slathered in a bunch of sugar and marshmallows so that you can’t taste the lingering aluminum.

I used to “hate” sweet potatoes.
Now I eat them nearly every day. Generally, I just throw one in the oven when I get to work, and get to it when I get to it.

The fiancé is in the “hate” sweet potatoes school. This recipe, however, has proven to be a middle ground. I created it specifically with him in mind, but we also served it at the bar as a weekend special, where it went over quite well.
Dip these little latkes in whatever you want – I suggest a Greek yogurt/Sriracha mixture for a quick protein boost.

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Who am I?

Way back in the early 2000’s, there was this boy.

I could probably start 80% of my high school vignettes with that very statement. Although in my younger years I was quite avant-garde, with the tattoos and the Russian literature, the zebra mini skirts, the Misfits cover band, the neon blue MG convertible and a proclivity for smoking doobies down by the train tracks… I was also very quick to fall in love.

More often than not, it wasn’t with kindred souls. A really good example of this is a boy we will call Joe.

All I can really remember about him is that we were in plays together, he was very musically inclined, and he wore khakis. He was a good looking boy, and sometimes he would give me rides home from play practice. But that was about that.

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