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Waiting for Something to Break

Every year I grapple less with the daunting fact that Christmas is just not as fun as a grown person as it is when you’re a child. I have accepted it, it’s a fact of life. Move on.

I don’t like the fact that December seems to be one of those months that chews you up and spits you out if you don’t plan accordingly, and in my line of business, it made for a lot of really late nights, really long days, and me and Aaron tearing down all our decorations last Sunday thinking, “What the hell just happened?”
Christmas time this year was just weird.

It was chaos, it was heartbreak, it was a lot of half-assed gifts (which is EXTREMELY out of character for me. I am that person who gets ulcers over picking out the perfect present.

This year I sat in my armchair, let my credit card do the work, and prayed I didn’t order a pile of crap. It was me forcefully trying to hang on to a little glimmer of nostalgia – crafting those smelly cinnamon ornaments like we used to when I was a kid and making pomanders and robotically baking dozens upon dozens of cookies with Reece’s cups jammed down inside them.

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Social Media and Websites deliver content that shapes our lives

I generally hate to think about What’s Next because it implies that there’s going to be a Next Big Thing. As I see it, the very best next big thing we could hope for would be to transcend big things altogether.

Who needs them, except marketers, Wal-Mart, and business plan writers hoping to demonstrate how their brilliant schemes can “scale” to infinity and beyond? But what is next? I can deal with a bit of that by projecting forward from what’s now.

As far as the Internet is concerned, what’s next is not pervasive computing or technology. It is the coming realization of the real role that content plays in our lives. We think of a medium as a thing that delivers content. But the delivered content is a medium in itself. The many forms of content we collect and experience online are just forms of ammunition, an excuse to start a discussion with that attractive person in the next cubicle: “Hey! Did you see that streaming video clip at streamingvideoclips.com?”

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The Paradox of Choice – New Shoes or no Shoes

I thought I would kick off this month reading list with a little nonfiction.
Kindle Daily Deals always seem to sucker me in, and Barry Schwartz’s The Paradox of Choice seemed like a good selection, with its raving reviews, interesting combination of economics and psychology, and cheap-o price tag. Unfortunately, though, I’m having a time plowing through this one.

I’m honestly only about 70% through with reading this book. I’ve been breaking it up into 10-page “chunks” in between some spicier reads on my list. What I thought would be an introspective look into how and why we make choices is more to me like a really long repetitive magazine article that got turned into a book for some reason.

I get that Schwartz is writing for the layperson, but by introducing topics early in the novel, explaining them quite clearly, and then saying that he’s going to cover them again in specific chapters later on, which in turn is just turning his initial paragraph long description into pages upon pages of repetition with a few anecdotes sprinkled in – he is seriously insulting the “lay-person’s” intelligence.

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Protecting Your Identity

How Your Identity Can Be Protected and Defended – Why defend and for what purpose?

About one and a half year ago, I began fulfilling my purpose by writing.  I wanted to let people know they are not alone in sometimes difficult struggles in this world.   I wanted to give hope, encouragement, and empowerment to those who were struggling with staying committed and waiting to realize their dreams without losing their personal identity.

Since publishing “Protecting your Identity” last year, it was read by hundreds of people and shared on multiple social media platforms.   Within that process, I received what I was well prepared for:  both positive and negative reviews.

This is how persons, who is creative, go about day to day activities protecting their identity.  Some people asked, what helps me stay committed besides the anticipation of the positive outcomes?  How do I protect my personality and identity each day?

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Pampering is Necessary

Well, half of my world is literally crashing down before me, as it usually does before any really big change occurs. As my one friend always tells me, it could always be worse. Haha, not sure how but okay.

Through the chaos, I was able to get some much-needed pampering at the Renait Salon in midtown. My roommate bought a spa package a few months ago, and the gentleman threw in a free package, which I gratefully received. Thanks Roomie!

The package  includes:

15-minute oil massage


skin analysis

basic facial

hair color analysis


hair styling and blow out

eyebrow waxing (which I will not be using)

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Monday Me-Days! Surpassing that Rough Transition from Weekend to Mondays

Sunday to Monday transitions are always so tough!  Why is that? Even without a conventional 9-5 job, I have a difficult time adjusting from Weekend Mode to Monday Mornings.

There is that dread of leaving the bed, the zombie walk to pour cereal and milk, and the flipping through the news and emails to see what I’ve missed in the past eight hours of sleep. I mean I feel like I have ten-pound weights pulling down both arms to prevent any resemblance of being productive. I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

So what to do? The greatest thing that motivates me these days is self-care. That’s right, instead of beating myself up with saying  such as “Oh why can’t I just get it together?”, or “Why haven’t you accomplish that task yet?” I am revving up the self-care.

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The Weeping Willow

One of the most beautiful trees of God’s creation that I have ever seen is The Weeping Willow. It looks so serene, peaceful and wise but it also has a haunting glow of sorrow. It reminds me of many elderly women that I cared for when I worked in nursing homes years ago.

They were women of great sacrifice. They have been through The Great Depression, The Civil Rights Movement and sent their husbands, brothers, and sons to serve several deployments of war.

There they were, staying strong alone on the home front. Their discipline was tough but their comfort was gentle. They cooked meals every night and only allowed an hour of television.

They stretched every penny, irons many creases, scrubbed many floors and sewed many seams. They have been to many weddings and sadly even more funerals.

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Balancing your Workout without Weights; Cardio, Stretching and Lifting

A workout without weights is a rather broad definition. It can range anywhere from sprints to push-ups or yoga to burpees. Today we’d like to share the value of using balance in your weight free workouts in order to achieve your ultimate physique.

We’ve found that doing only one type of exercise leads to injury and limited capabilities in one or more areas of a person’s life. Being extremely muscular yet unable to run or even walk correctly is hazard, the same as being overly skinny and incapable of lifting a load over one’s own head.

The people who look and appear the most fit are generally well-balanced individuals strong enough to run, lift and bend to survive any challenge that is thrown at them. This is what we aim to achieve with a weight-free workout. Read More Balancing your Workout without Weights; Cardio, Stretching and Lifting

An Introduction to a Workout without Weights

The word workout has many different meanings to different people. Lifting dumbbells, going for a run or even just getting off the coach can all be considered strenuous activity depending on the individual. Here on this site, we are dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and top notch information and products related to a workout without weights.

A weight free workout is what we consider the epitome of real training. The ability to perform at your peak and work with your body to reach your ultimate potential is what we are striving for.

Many people discover a workout without weights a great alternative to monotonous and repetitive isolated exercises and in turn develop fit and balanced bodies. We want to bring you the very best in order to help you generate momentum in your life and conquer your fitness goals.

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Next Time You Start to Hate on Yourself Based on Someone Else’s Success…

Remember we all have our own dragons to slay.  What you see online is just a small peek into the big picture.  We are all fighting some sort of battle, every day is NOT a good day, we are all human beings.

I am 100% guilty of only posting the good on Facebook – do you really think 500 of my closest friends and family members need to know that I am 5’7, weigh 135 pounds, and because of my upbringing I see myself as fat?  Or that I will probably always feel that way no matter how much weight I lose or how strong and lean I get?

How about the fact that I own a successful and thriving business, but I dress like a hobo because I am too insecure about my body to wear anything other than yoga pants and t-shirts.

I know I can run for miles and miles pretty darn fast for a newbie, I can lift a boatload of weights, I have the mental fortitude to get through any physical challenge that anyone can throw at me – but I hold on to so much guilt from things I’ve done in my past that I can’t even go home and visit my family without needing a week of mental recovery.

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