An Introduction to a Workout without Weights

The word workout has many different meanings to different people. Lifting dumbbells, going for a run or even just getting off the coach can all be considered strenuous activity depending on the individual. Here on this site, we are dedicated to bringing you the most relevant and top notch information and products related to a workout without weights.

A weight free workout is what we consider the epitome of real training. The ability to perform at your peak and work with your body to reach your ultimate potential is what we are striving for.

Many people discover a workout without weights a great alternative to monotonous and repetitive isolated exercises and in turn develop fit and balanced bodies. We want to bring you the very best in order to help you generate momentum in your life and conquer your fitness goals.

We’ll also be analyzing some of the core and fundamental exercises of a weight-free workout, including some traditional boot camp exercises like the pull-up or push up.

Even if you’re looking for a beginner’s workout, we’ll be able to show you the very basics and how to get started. If you consider yourself more advanced, we’ll be able to help you reach your next level and really master your own physique.

Our goals are to inform and share our knowledge as well as recommendations of what you can do now to improve your lifestyle and train your body to perfection. We really believe in the body’s functional ability and stress the importance of how a weight-free workout can prevent injury, seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle and help turbo-charge your results.

If you’re interested in making easy, effective and long-lasting positive change in your physical health, we encourage you to take action and start fuelling your transformation today. The mightiest achievements are composed of the tiniest steps.

By reading this article you’ve already started moving in the right direction. Congratulations on your decision to create a better body for yourself and we hope a workout without weights can be your aid to achieving your ultimate aspirations.

How to Start Using a Workout without Weights

If you’ve gotten into a workout rut it’s time for a change. Doing the same exercise for each muscle group or going on the same run each day will start to have less of an impact on your health because your body becomes used to the exercise and thus expends less energy completing the movement. If you’ve ever reached this point, often if you’ve become noticeably bored with your routine, it can help to add some bodyweight exercises and start to create a workout without weights.

Even if you’re just starting it’s easy to start working boot camp exercises or other elements of a weight-free workout into your day. If you’re used to lifting weights for your chest or back, try switching one of the exercises with pull-ups (or assisted pull-ups) or adding in pushups instead of bench press. Push-ups are great because they have infinite variations like clapping push-ups, incline/decline pushups (use a block), slow push ups etc.

You’ll find adding in these exercises will not only make your workout more challenging but also workout other muscles in your body less commonly worked doing weighted exercises like your core.

If you’re big into cardio try switching up your training style, running intervals instead of long distance, going up and down hills or varying up the type of cardio between biking, running or rowing.

It’s never too late to start making positive changes in your life and moving towards a workout without weights is an excellent choice. It doesn’t have to be a drastic major change but can be done simply and gradually. There are three easy steps to adding a weight-free workout into your life:

1. Schedule a time that the exercise or workout will be done. This can range from one to six times a week

2. Decide in advance how many sets and reps and what exercises you plan on doing. Use this site or the internet to search for some ideas.

3. Go out and try the workout you’ve created for yourself. Note any weak spots or areas that are too easy. Remember these or even write them down for next time.

Go out and sample some bodyweight exercises next time you go for a workout and see what you think. Every time you do this, you’re moving towards freedom from the gym as well as your own physical goals.