Living the Ultra Life – Week 2 – Those Purposeful Feels

What can I possibly say about this second week of training for my first 50k?
Well, for starters, I forgot how fan-freaking-tastic it feels to be on a regular training schedule. And by fantastic, I mean, I’m hungry, tired, achey, tired, and pretty much exhausted and hungry.

But most importantly, I am exceptionally happy.

This week was the one where things started clicking for me. Where I realized that I had not in fact lost all of the tiny shreds of athletic ability I once had in spite of my Injury. This week was the first time in a long time that I became utterly and absolutely convinced that I am fully capable of finishing this ultra… If I stay on course that is.

This week entailed a lot of sloppy buns. A pile of no make up days. A lot of early wake up days, and naps happened too.

But in between all that, I felt this surge of productivity during my waking hours that has been lacking in the past few weeks. My work work got done without procrastination. My house doesn’t look like a bomb went off in it. Me and the fiancé have clean clothes! Food prep became an essential because of that constant hunger, and aside from that pint of Ben & Jerry’s frozen Greek yogurt (peanut butter banana! My kryptonite) we ate well. Because it seems like the harder I train, the more my cravings go from junk to fuel.
I forgot how great it feels to be on a mission.

My mileage this week was supposed to be about 40. Due to unrelenting rain, I fell shy.

I couldn’t ski as much as I wanted to because my trails turned into solid sheets of ice. While that is fun an exhilarating, I soon became aware of how dangerous those conditions can be when I was wailing down a hill and couldn’t dig in to stop. Which is cool and all, aside from the fact that there are lots of trees in the woods, and I don’t want to break every bone in my body 5 miles away from civilization.

What I missed out on in miles, I made up for in lifts. I even did a CrossFit chipper on Sunday because the gym was closed and the rain wouldn’t quit. My two rest days were crucial and glorious at the same time.

My main struggle this week was kind of a nonissue – between working long hours 7 days straight with a fluctuating start time and training hard 5 of those days, I kind of lost interest in other things I typically enjoy. At the end of the day I was just tired. I didn’t want to read a book or work on my book. I didn’t really even want to watch TV. Social media once more has become an irritant and a bother instead of a good place to keep up with my friends and family.

My rebuttal to this “issue” is that it’s good to be tired at night because it means your day was accomplished. And all that stuff will be waiting for me when I get adjusted to my training schedule. My friends and family who want to talk to me know how hot & cold I am about Facebook, so they can call me if they want to chat. And my fiancé doesn’t seem to mind if I fall asleep while he watches TV – after all, if I’m passed out he gets free reign of what to watch.

Next week is another 40 mile week with a 14 mile long run. I am starting to do back to back long runs this week to better adapt to running on tired legs for my ultra, which means the day after my 14 miler, I will shoot for something in the 9-12 mile radius. And then the following day will consist of a lot of bitching, moaning, and frozen yogurt, so that’s something to look forward to.

All in all, I’m happy that the stars are aligning, my training is fitting nicely into my already established world of chaos, and I’m chipping away at this goal in a reasonable fashion. I’m 11 weeks and 2 days out of this thing, hopefully this energy keeps on pushing through.

All you trainees out there… What’s the first thing that goes for you when you start really dedicating time to your goal? Sleep? Hobbies? Laundry? Or do you become more productive as your training cycle sets in? I am curious!