Pampering is Necessary

Well, half of my world is literally crashing down before me, as it usually does before any really big change occurs. As my one friend always tells me, it could always be worse. Haha, not sure how but okay.

Through the chaos, I was able to get some much-needed pampering at the Renait Salon in midtown. My roommate bought a spa package a few months ago, and the gentleman threw in a free package, which I gratefully received. Thanks Roomie!

The package  includes:

15-minute oil massage


skin analysis

basic facial

hair color analysis


hair styling and blow out

eyebrow waxing (which I will not be using)

There is no way you can do everything at once, Renait broke the package in half: the spa portion and the salon portions.

Both roomie and I went in to get our manicure, facial, and massage first. When we arrived at the building we found that the salon was in the penthouse suite and is only accessible via invitation. Very swanky.

We checked in, and before we knew it we both had our personal esthetician and directed to private rooms. First portion- facial. She diagnosed my skin, which I had never done before. Her main recommendation is to just keep taking care of my skin, it is very important to be good to it.

Then she proceeded to massage lotion into my face, removed any oils and dirt, then place a special mask onto my skin. Actually, she mixed three different masks together and painted it onto my face. Then she wrapped my whole head in cotton swabs.

The whole process was new for me, but felt amazing! In total it took 15 minutes for the mask to work. What I noticed was that my skin was so soft and glowing afterwards. It really was a treat.

Next was the manicure. It was nothing too special, very standard manicure. I chose the color, e-nuf is e-nuf by Essie, and I love how my nails look. They are pretty daring and fierce. Exactly what I needed.

I was about to get my massage when I realized it was getting late and I had a dinner downtown in the Village. I rescheduled for next week along with my hair salon portion of the package. I cannot wait! So far this experience has been incredible. I am not a fan of microdermabrasion but I am loving facials!

Tell me what you think about skin care, and how you embrace your beautiful face daily, I would love to hear.