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Sweet Potato Latkes … aka Sweet Potatoes for those who “hate” sweet potatoes

In my opinion, there are two “camps” in terms of sweet potatoes. Those full of people who love them and can’t get enough, and those who “hate” them. Personally, I think most of the haters have never experienced an amazing sweet potato. They write them off as something that comes out of a can in the form of mush and is then slathered in a bunch of sugar and marshmallows so that you can’t taste the lingering aluminum.

I used to “hate” sweet potatoes.
Now I eat them nearly every day. Generally, I just throw one in the oven when I get to work, and get to it when I get to it.

The fiancé is in the “hate” sweet potatoes school. This recipe, however, has proven to be a middle ground. I created it specifically with him in mind, but we also served it at the bar as a weekend special, where it went over quite well.
Dip these little latkes in whatever you want – I suggest a Greek yogurt/Sriracha mixture for a quick protein boost.

Whether you choose to make a meal out of these, serve them as a light appetizer, or have them as a side dish (we had them alongside some venison tenderloins) – they are nutritionally sound, can be whipped up in a snap, and are sure to impress even your picky eaters.


How to be creative

My friend and I were at our favorite hole in the wall Chinese restaurant over the weekend, and the two of us enjoyed a wonderful, quiet dinner. After we were through the waitress brought over the basket of fortunes and let us pick our fortune cookie.

This is the part where most places mess up. The receiver of the fortune has to pick the cookie, or you won’t get the fortune destiny has bestowed on you.

My fortune read:

Don’t expect to find one right way to make yourself more creative.

Now for those of you who shun the idea of fortunes from fortune cookies… Shame on you! Don’t you know that monks are working hard in their mountain top temples typing on little typewriters just to get you your fortune.

Anyways, back to the fortune. This really got me thinking.

How often do designers block their creativity in by following their normal path of inspiration? It is good for all of us to find new avenues of creativity. Stop being a creature of habit!


Now this one comes easy to me. When I’m focused on a task that is all I think about, much to the chagrin of my wife. Take the simpler tasks in life and relate it to what you are working on. If you’re eating toast think about how that toast relates to what you’re working on. Crazy? Yes, but it works.


Being creatures of habit we put blinds on. If you don’t believe me take a look around at the cobwebs on your ceiling. You didn’t realize they were that bad, did you? It is important to strive to put on new eyes from time to time and take a new look at your surrounding.


Think like a child. It is amazing how differently the little ones see the world than us big people. If you have trouble doing this just hang around kids. It’s contagious. Just don’t forget to wear your play clothes.


If all else fails, get away from the front of the computer, go outside, and let out a primal scream. The neighbors may look at you funny, but I’m sure they already do. Relax for a bit and tackle the problem from a different angle.

What are your recommendations for finding new avenues of creativity?